The Star of Bethlehem is a riveting documentary that unlocks the mystery behind astronomical events at the advent of Christ



For thousands of years countless generations have been captivated by the story of how the stars foretold the coming of Christ. Yet, until now, it has been difficult to see how the scientific and historical clues fit together.

The Star of Bethlehem reveals in startling detail how these puzzle pieces interlock to become profound truths. Follow Rick Larson's journey from professional lawyer to amateur astronomer. Cryptic verses of scripture penned two-thousand years ago are deciphered and come to life with fresh meaning for today. The Biblical narrative is challenged with historical and scientific facts we know and proves itself to be stunningly accurate. Having sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, the Star of Bethlehem has refreshed astronomical history. Its timeless and relevant message sent shockwaves through the scientific community and will continue to amaze audiences for years to come.


Rick Larson

Directed By:
Stephen Vidano